Frequently Asked Questions

​Q. What are the types of wood used for flooring?
A. There are two types of wood flooring: solid and engineered. Solid wood is a solid piece of wood with thickness ranging from ¾” to 5/16", which can be sanded and refinished multiple times. 

Engineered wood are designed with multiple layers of different wood veneer, the grains of each layer is placed in different directions. The different layers are engineered to endure different climates. Engineered wood can be installed in above or below ground level. 

​Q. How should you clean hardwood floors?
A.  You should clean hardwood floors with a soft bristle broom and vacuum with a soft floor attachment.   Use a slightly damp mop to clean the floors.  Only use cleaning products for wood floor.  Do not use regular household cleaning products, use only products specifically for hardwood floors.  

Q. Protecting the floors.
A. Protect your hardwood floors from being discolored by the sun. Hang window treatments to protect the floors. Move area rugs and furniture in the room to different locations throughout the year so that the floors evenly receive the sun's rays. Use protective covering on the legs of tables and chairs and other furniture to protect the floor from scratches. Keep the pets' nails trimmed and smooth and consider having guests remove their shoes, especially high heels, before they walk on the floors.

Q. Water damage.
A. Water can cause the hardwood floors to swell, buckle or crack if it sits on the floors for a prolonged period of time. Never use water on the floors, and if water does accumulate on the floors as a result of a plumbing issue, dry the floors immediately. Open the windows in the room, use fans or a dehumidifier to dry the floors. Never use a heater to dry the floors as it can damage the wood permanently.

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